Another step up the power scale for McCormick

7 June 2002

Another step up the power scale for McCormick

By Andy Moore

McCORMICKS advance up the tractor horsepower scale has reached another milestone with the launch of a new flagship model – the MTX175.

Powered by a 176hp six-pot Perkins unit, the MTX175 now crowns McCormicks five model range of six-cylinder tractors which start at 118hp.

The engine features a new air-to-air after cooler for the turbocharger which is designed to lower the temperature of in-coming air and increases its density.

This arrangement, and an increase in fuel injection volume, extracts more power and torque from the engine, says McCormick.

Weighing in at 7.5t, the MTX175 is 1.35t heavier than other six-cylinder models and runs on an 80mm longer wheelbase.

The extra weight and longer wheelbase provides greater stability for heavy implements, says McCormick.

To handle heavier implements, the MTX175 comes with uprated hydraulics with a higher capacity variable output pump.

The tractor also has a higher linkage lift capacity which has been increased by 50% to 6.9t at full height.

For drive train, the tractor can be equipped with McCormicks new Speed Sequencer transmission.

Optional on all MTX and MC models, Speed Sequencer provides push button and clutchless selection of range changes rather than manual.

The option also allows drivers to skip through intermediate gears when towing light loads to save changing up through all the speeds. Price for the MTX175 is £56,288. &#42

Rated at 176hp the MTX175 now crowns McCormicks tractor range.

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