Anti-GMmob disrupt Brighton event

17 November 2000

Anti-GMmob disrupt Brighton event

ANTI-GM crops protesters laid siege to an international pesticide conference in Brighton on Monday. But the meeting went ahead as planned – albeit with increased security.

Posters were defaced, a seminar briefly disrupted and police drew batons to keep demonstrators out of a hotel hosting the annual meeting of the British Crop Protection Council.

Chris Todd, for organiser BCPC Enterprises, said the first warning of the protest, by what police described as the Brighton Anarchist Group, came on Nov 4. A related web-site had mistakenly labelled the conference as being pro-GM crops.

"It is a great shame that the conference is being disrupted by a group of people who are possibly ill-informed."

Colleague David Alford added: "It is unfortunate, bearing in mind that the conference has such a wide-based brief, covering the whole range of crop protection including organic farming and integrated crop management."

Mondays events, which included false fire alarms, interference with a PA system and suspected theft from the press room, was bound to lead to a review of security, said Mr Todd. "We may have to introduce a more positive means of delegate identification."

Protesters gave conference-goers the needle at Brighton.

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