Antibiotic-free pigs boost sales

08 September 1999

Antibiotic-free pigs boost sales

FOREIGN pig producers are set to reap the rewards after banning the use of antibiotics to increase growth in cattle, reports The Guardian.

The newspaper claims that the success of banning antibiotics is already evident in Denmark and Sweden.

Denmark already sells £250m a year worth of antibiotic-free bacon in the UK.

And from January, a quarter of the rashers sold here will come from foreign pigs which have not been fed antibiotics.

But Ian Gardner, deputy director-general of the National Farmers Union, doubts whether consumers are really that anxious about antibiotics, the paper reports.

It is the “hand that reaches into the freezer cabinet of the supermarket which matters” to farmers, he said.

The article is the last of a three-part investigation into the potential health threat posed by the overuse of antibiotics.

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