Archive Article: 1997/07/19

19 July 1997


Millers have awarded Abbot a provisional Grade I quality classification. A treated yield rating of 99 by NIAB (Brigadier is at 104), and high protein shorten the odds

The going is heavy, but potentially high yielding, on the chalky boulder clay trial site at Rockingham Castle Farms. The four varieties are drilled side by side in an 11ha (27-acre) block. Rabbit grazing at one end of the field has hit all four contenders equally. In the final furlong before harvest, all the wheats look well, says grower Ray Dalton. The three milling varieties are being managed as breadmaking wheats, given late nitrogen post flowering, in order to boost proteins.


An outsider – as yet without the benefit of NIAB recommendation. Given an early provisional Grade I by millers. High treated yields – about 4% greater than Hereward



The earliest maturing breadmaker. Given a Grade II classification by the millers, and NIAB treated yield rating of 96. Showed a good track record on farms last season


Mr Daltons favourite feed wheat, which has shown consistently good form on the farm. But it faces a problem on the challenge site; Brigadier has been landed with the poorest position on the field

Can one of these milling varieties topple Brigadiers performance at Rockingham Castle Farms?

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