Archive Article: 1997/11/08

8 November 1997

Three models make up Berthoud Sprayers Bertronics range of computerised sprayer control systems. The entry level model, the DP Control spray monitor, uses a flow meter and speed sensor to calculate application rate, total area sprayed, distance covered and total litres sprayed. With these measures it can also record for either 10 fields or 10 crops, along with other spraying details, such as nozzle used and chemical applied. The DP Tronic incorporates pressure and speed sensors to automatically control application rates. Pressure is measured within the boom line itself, accurate to 0.5%. At the top of the range, the Gestronic has additional capacity to store records for up to 99 fields, which can be downloaded to a printer in the cab or the office. An electronic tank level gauge can be programmed to switch off the filling side of the pump at a predetermined level. All three models are housed in a single in-cab box, and allow for manual override of preset rates.

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