Archive Article: 1998/06/05

5 June 1998

ALL across the country farmers are responding to farmers weeklys "Just Say No" campaign, opposing government plans to levy an environmental tax on pesticides and fertiliser inputs.

Have you given the campaign your full backing? If the thought of paying 125% duty on every pack of pesticide and every bag of fertiliser fills you with dread fill in and return our coupon on page 57.

Our aim is to convince government, and environment minister Michael Meacher in particular, that this tax is unfair, unscientific and unjustified.

Trying to reduce the environmental impact of inputs by taxing them out of the farmers reach is a crude, short-sighted strategy. There is little to suggest it would benefit the environment, yet it would do untold damage to UK agriculture.

Responses from farmers, advisers and input suppliers alike will be equally welcome to show this government how wide of the mark it is with its enviro-tax plans.

Responses to our "Just Say No" campaign will be presented to Mr Meacher in early July.

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