Archive Article: 2000/04/14

14 April 2000

The Clydesdale is Scotlands working horse, and

the breed societys annual sale is a crowd-puller,

as FW saw at Lanark last weekend

Experienced hand, John Strang of Lanark dresses out this entry ready for judging. Soft soap is applied to the coat to give definition.

Shoe shine…

Society secretary Kate Stephen confers with past president and the days judge Fred Hanna from Ballymoney.

Outside looking in…buyers came from across the UK and three entries went home to Northern Ireland where the breed has a strong following.

Dating back to the 1700s, the Clydesdale still retains its power, although most are kept for private or showing work. Here, Peter Tennant shows his colt to the Lanark crowd.

Right: James Thomson holds Ingleston Jade steady for the judges inspection.

Below: Line up…prices on the day ranged from 140gns to 1420gns for the champion.

Phillipa Stephen holds her uncles entry which sold for 400gns. Average on the day was 500gns. "Compared to the 1970s things are pretty rosey. Vendors were being realistic, but would like to see values higher," commented Kate Stephen.

Champion… sisters Christine Halliday and Jackie Marshall from Lockerbie took the title with their entry Howsgillside Lily. It sold to the days judge Fred Hanna for 1420gns.

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