Archive Article: 2000/06/02

2 June 2000

A high clearance between rotor and cover is the main feature of Kvernelands new GSH 200 bed tiller. The company says the extra clearance allows the unit to handle stones and clods more effectively. A three-speed 540/1000rpm gearbox is fitted as standard.

Filling the inside of 12m (40ft) lorry containers is considered a simple operation with this Contain-A-Vator elevator from Terry Johnson of Holbeach, Lincs. The elevator is equipped with two hydraulically operated rear jacks which can be extended to lower the conveyor belt level inside the container. The Contain-A-Vator can also be used for conveying root crops and grain to a height of 7.8m when the elevator and discharge head is fully raised. Other features include independent belt speed adjustment and an optional slew function. Price, including slew, is £26,000.

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