Archive Article: 2001/03/09

9 March 2001

Andrew Keeler

Andrew Keeler farms with

his parents at Church Farm,

Aylsham, Norfolk. Sugar

beet, potatoes, winter

wheat and premium malting

barley are grown on the

32ha (80-acre) farm

LERAPs and Fusarium were the subjects of the in-house speakers, with guest speaker Les Pickles of HGCA talking on the future industrial use of cereals, mainly for starch production.

But pick of the speakers was Melvyn Askew of IENICA who talked on the future uses of oilseeds.

Not only was his talk enlightening, it was also very entertaining. If you get a chance, do go and listen to him.

Thank you for all the replies on potato storage. We decided to have a visit from Adrian Cunnington of the BPC, a storage specialist based at Sutton Bridge whose services are free to levy payers. More on potatoes next article. &#42

Aprils grain is moving early, but thats no problem as I get the April price, says Andrew Keeler.

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