Archive Article: 2001/11/09

9 November 2001

Beet factory delays need sorting out fast

Watching early-lifted beet respire sugar content away and even start rotting in the heap is very demoralising for growers. Delayed deliveries cut income and slow further lifting, with a knock-on effect for late-sown cereals.

So why cant British Sugar get its state-of-the-art Wissington factory working properly?

Since the start of the campaign it has blamed filtration problems, caused by under-sized crystals, for delays. Earlier this week the beet backlog stood at 10 days.

Nobody likes to call for compensation. But if British Sugar is preventing growers from delivering beet, because its own factory is having problems, surely it should compensate growers for their losses?

Come to Grain 2001 for top information

Keen to make the most of your grain marketing, storage and handling? Then make a beeline for Grain 2001, the national technical event at the National Agricultural College, Stoneleigh, Warks, on Wed and Thur, Nov 21 and 22.

Alongside all the latest equipment to help you handle and store grain more effectively, there will be a host of experts to help fine tune your system to meet the needs of modern grain buyers.

Growing quality crops at least cost is only half the battle. Fail to store and market them well and you could miss out on significant profits.

So why not visit Grain 2001? It could help maximise the profitability of the crops youve already grown.

Internet chat can give valuable advice

Low milk fats? Lame cows? Housing problems? Wouldnt it be useful if, instead of occasionally guessing solutions you could phone a friend?

Growing numbers of producers have been doing just that – or rather its cyberspace equivalent. Using internet chat rooms, to draw on a wealth of experience from other producers and consultants, is becoming more popular.

Foot-and-mouth has provided the incentive for this, the ultimate in bio-secure communication. But, as increasingly time-pressed producers find it more difficult to attend off-farm meetings, chat rooms could provide a valuable role in enabling them to keep up with the latest. So smile both when you dial and when you log on.

Dont fritter away our farm trade expertise

Jacks-of-all-trades and masters of many. What better description of the skills required by modern farmers and their workers? But sadly, skill, experience and knowledge are haemorrhaging from the farming industry.

So all credit to the Borders Machinery Ring. It has launched a new labour and training agency designed to create a pool of skilled workers that can be employed permanently or part-time within the machinery ring – or beyond.

UK farming needs more initiatives like this if we are to preserve the cutting edge of our agricultural expertise. Without them, we risk wasting farming knowledge gathered over generations.

FWi can be double boon for business

Want to make the most of the internet? Perhaps, stuck for an internet service provider? Then why not trust nearly 70 years of British farming expertise and put your faith in FARMERS WEEKLY/s on-line computer service FWi (

We can help you cut the cost of using the internet with free internet access (excluding local telephone charges) or one of our unlimited access packages. Either way you will be able to enjoy the wealth of information at your finger tips – without needing to watch the clock.

So take advantage of what is becoming an increasingly effective business tool. For more information telephone 020 8652 4912 or email Theres no better way to put farming all the latest farming facts at your finger tips.

Weigh up your chance for a super prize

Fancy winning a set of electronic weighing equipment for your livestock this winter? Then look out for the FARMERS WEEKLY/Nuflor from Schering-Plough competition.

Taking part is easy. Read the text on the five competition pages starting this week, then answer the simple question on each page and keep the answer in a safe place.

Next, fill in all five answers on the coupon that will appear in our Dec 7 issue and send it in to us. You could win one of eight prizes of £1250-worth of Tru-Test electronic livestock weighing equipment from Ritchey Tagg. Now that is a prize that weighs up.

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