Archive Article: 2002/06/14

14 June 2002

James Coggle – Fife

JAMES Coggle is sprayer operator on Denbrae Farms at Strathkiness by St Andrews.

He uses a Berthoud 1500-litre (330gal) mounted sprayer with 24m (78.7ft) booms and a 600-litre (132gal) front-mounted tank. The latter usually carries clean flushing water. That helps safeguard the high value broccoli, cauliflower and potato crops that are grown alongside the usual range of combinable crops on 599ha (1480 acres), including contract work.

Pollution prevention at filling is taken care of by having the water supply and chemical store side by side, with a weldmesh-topped half-barrel catch tray at working height. Packs are opened over this and the chemical measured out in safety and at a convenient height.

Application volumes range from 100 litres/ha for potato blight to 400 litres/ha for some calabrese sprays. On fields with a LERAP requirement the booms are fitted with 3-star nozzles that can be switched round on the 12m next to the restricted area.

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