12 May 2000


HAND-REEL systems provide an effective method of control for sheep where short-run fencing is required.

They usually start at 200m (656ft) and are manually reeled out. The choice of energiser is important. Systems running off the mains are the cheapest, offering more power on the fence-line and dont demand as much maintenance as battery powered units.

Running costs are low on a mains system; a medium-sized energiser will use around £15 worth of electricity a year.

Increased flexibility is provided by the battery-operated unit which is powered by either a small and relatively inexpensive dry battery or by re-chargeable 12-volt wet cell batteries.

A typical 1.5 joule energiser powering 200m of sheep wire will last between four to six weeks depending on the batterys condition.

Where large energisers are used its worth considering solar or wind energy to trickle charge the battery. These adaptations are available from major manufacturers.

&#8226 Mains or battery.

&#8226 Type of conductor, steel or polywire (steel wire will carry current further).

&#8226 Total length and number of lines of wire on the fence.

&#8226 Amount of seasonal vegetation growth likely to affect the electrified wires.

&#8226 Conductivity of the ground.

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