Argentina poised to clean upin niche beef markets

14 April 1998

Argentina poised to ‘clean up’
in niche beef markets

ARGENTINEAN beef farmers, finally rid of their own plague of foot and mouth disease, are poised to capture the high-value international niche markets so dearly won by the Scots.

Argentine stockmen boast they have better British breeds than the British and they insist they can produce all the branded Aberdeen Angus beef the market can absorb.

The Scotsman says only the continuation of trading limits and the annual export quota of 40,000 tonnes to Europe will prevent the estancia owners of the Pampas from wiping the floor with their former Scot teachers.

George Soros, the international investor, is buying land and building up a herd reputedly standing at 125,000 head in Argentina.

  • The Scotsman 14/04/98 page 29

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