ASBO pig case ‘dropped’

THE NORFOLK pig farmer who was accused of breaching an anti-social behaviour order when his pigs continued to escape will not have to face trial, reports the BBC.

His solicitor, Arthur Balls, reported to the BBC that the Crown Prosecution Service had decided there was not enough evidence against Brian Hagan.

But a spokesman for the CPS was unable to confirm the case had been dropped.

Mr Hagen is still the subject of the ASBO and is required to appear before Cromer magistrates on Jan 31.

“I have received notification from the CPS that the proceedings relating to the alleged breach of the order have been discontinued,” Mr Balls told the BBC.

“Mr Hagan had been due to appear before magistrates in King‘s Lynn again tomorrow to hear of developments in the case, but he will not now be doing that.”

The case has drawn media attention because it was the first time an ASBO had been used in a bid to control animals as opposed to unruly teenagers for which they were intended.

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