Asda defies small peach ban in giant giveaway

02 July 1998

Asda defies small peach ban in giant giveaway

THE Asda supermarket chain is giving away 100,000 banned peaches to children in a move to defy European Union bureaucrats.

A European Commission (EC) this week banned the sale of small “D-sized” peaches between 51mm and 56mm in diameter from 1 July each year.

The ban remains in place even during poor harvests such as those experienced in the last 12 months.

Asda said following this years poor harvest, growers and stores needed to sell as much fruit as possible in order to meet demand, but were hampered by the laws inflexibility.

The ban was introduced to appease Italian growers who complained increased sales of the smaller fruit – preferred by mothers packing school lunches – had eaten into their profits.

A spokesman for the EU in London dismissed Asdas giveaway as a “publicity stunt” and said that the rules were intended to stop shops selling undersized peaches when the season was in full swing and full-sized peaches were freely available.

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