Auctioneer with a clear vision

13 April 1998

Auctioneer with a clear vision

The Scotsman

interviews John Neil, the newly-elected president of the Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland.

He has a “clear vision of how the auction marts can play a major part in helping the industry to recover from its present difficulties”, says the newspaper.

Neil is aware that auctions have a traditional role of “putting stability into the livestock trade” but the “real gem in the crown” is being able to offer the farmer cash in his pocket on the day of the sale.

Neil is the first self-employed auctioneer to become president. He worked for Wallets Marts at Castle Douglas before deciding to go it alone three years ago.

He warns against the beef and sheep sectors going down the same route as the dairy industry. “It would leave producers at the mercy of processors and manufacturers,” he says. He also wants to see the highest quality assurance standards introduced as a competitive weapon over rivals.

  • The Scotsman 13/04/98 page 18

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