Auto-steering system across Lexion board

15 October 1999

Auto-steering system across Lexion board

CLAAS is to offer full availability of its Laser Pilot combine auto-steering system throughout the entire Lexion range next season, following successful field trails this summer.

The system, which was originally only optional on combines fitted with 7.5m (25ft) and 9m (30ft) headers, can now be specified on all machines with headers starting from 4.5m (15ft). Compatible with new and existing Lexions, the Laser Pilot system is priced at £3900.

In addition to the auto-steering system, Claas has also given the entire Lexion range a revamp for the 2000 season. The cabs feature a new high-back drivers seat, while the 480 and 460 models include an easier-shift gearbox for smoother and quicker changes.

To improve cutter-bar visibility at night, lighting now includes eight lamps – two front-facing, two downward-pointing and four sideways-facing.

For machines fitted with the Quantimeter yield monitoring system, a continuous moisture meter is also available.

This system not only enables more accurate combine set-up, but when linked into the CEBIS system, the total tonnage after drying can be estimated, claims Claas.

Changes to the smaller Lexion 405 to 440 models include a modified grain tank lid system.

Larger 440, 450 and 460 Lexion models can be specified with an on-board compressor for adjusting tyre inflation, powering air tools or cleaning. Price is £1290.

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