Bank holiday weather encourages spud lifting

By FWi staff

WITH the better weather over the bank holiday weekend, lifting started to make progress.

However, many growers are still waiting for cooler soils before loading stores, according to the British Potato council (BPC).

Maincrop values have remained relatively stable this week, with bulk grade 1 material receiving the best quotes.

Offers are starting at £75-£80/t, with Estima and Piper at £90-£120/t. Other whites are fetching between £60-£80/t, while reds are £80-£100/t.

Best material is dominating movement, while grade 2 are in limited volume and exclusively devoted to white varieties, noted the BPC.

Grade 2 samples are starting at £30/t, with most fetching between £40-£55/t. Bagged Piper are averaging between £55-£75/t, with best material at £80/t.

Despite the firmer market for processing contracts and quality material, the lack of outlets for poor and average potatoes put further pressure on the market.

The BPC weekly ex-farm average price fell 49p over the week to £76.70/t, compared with £134.61/t last year and £60.88/t in 1997.

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