Battery connector lets you get at it

9 April 1999


Mains power adds to chainsaw range

COUNTAX has expanded the range of chainsaws it offers with the addition of two mains electric models, the 1550W Echo CS1550FT and 1850W Echo CS1850FT.

Blade length on the former is 30cm, 35cm on the latter, and both saws feature automatic chain oiling and thermal overload cut-out.

Accidental starting is prevented by the incorporation of inertia safety brakes and an interlocking safety switch; ease of use comes from full anti-vibration dampening.

Prices: CS1550FT £152.34, CS1850FT £169.36 (01844-278800).

Long way to water

USERS of irrigation systems looking to move water over greater distances could be interested in Oakley Irrigations Monsoon range of mobile, diesel-driven fresh water pump units as a means of power pumping water from the source to the point of irrigation.

Basic modules comprising an integrated fuel tank and chassis come in four sizes which can be fitted with a choice of naturally aspirated or turbocharged Iveco engines and Caprari pumps to match engine power output.

Each unit features a 12.5cm (5in) inlet connection and strainer and a 10cm (4in) outlet; engine protection and flow rate control are provided via a selectable Murphy control systems.

Options include flow meters, automatic water pressure control, and automatic start up and safety shut down.

Prices range from £8500-£12,500 (01743-235511).

Auto charger does the job on its own

BUSY fitters could well be interested in Sealey Power Products Electrostart starter/charger, which cuts out the need for constant checking by automatically adjusting the charge time and charge rate to suit the condition of the battery.

Suitable for use with wet cell, sealed gel and Ni-Cd batteries, the unit operates in 6v, 12v and 24v ranges in both start and charge modes.

It also features a standby mode which provides a surge protected power supply, via the vehicles cigarette lighter, to ensure electronic memories or codes are not lost or erased in the event of the battery becoming disconnected.

Price £595 (01284-757500).

Battery connector lets you get at it

LATEST range of Deutsch heavy duty battery connectors feature a "taper lock" lead connector, to enable the battery to be accessed from virtually any direction using standard connectors.

The range of lead connectors, which covers the more popular size of conductor from 25sq mm-95sq mm, can be fitted to either side of the clamp and both positive and negative parts are marked for easy identification, and polarised to ensure correct fitting.

Prices from about £2-5 an assembly depending on clamp type and wire size (01342-410033).

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