BCEs Far East venture

9 January 1998

BCEs Far East venture

BRITISH Cereal Exports has launched a new Chinese Malting Scholarship scheme with the aim of raising the profile of British barley in the growing Chinese market.

Four executives from four leading brewing and malting outfits arrived from China this week to begin a 10-week intensive course at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

The programme covers agronomy of malting barley production, quality specifications, malt analysis and brewing trials. The students will also conduct a comparative analysis of UK malting barleys against competitors such as Schooner from Australia and Harrington from Canada.

"Typically the Chinese brewer or maltster is using German equipment, Australian barley and Canadian (or US) technical expertise," says BCE chairman, Barclay Forrest. "Our missions to China and these scholarships are the first steps towards ensuring China appreciates that Britain is a source of excellent barley and technical support."

Joint-funded by BCE and the Department of Trade and Industry, the £35,000 project is intended to become an annual event. &#42

Barclay Forrest (right) and the NFUs Sir David Naish point the way.

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