BCMS inspections spelled out

By FWi staff

MATERIAL is being sent to all cattle keepers explaining the rules for inspections that will take place under the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS).

An explanatory leaflet is being sent out by the BCMS about cattle identification inspections aimed at making the computerised cattle tracing system effective.

The leaflet is also intended to make life easier for inspectors to check rules are being followed.

The leaflet explains what farmers can expect if they are inspected and what inspectors are required to do. It also explains what will happen if problems or mistakes are found. Finally, it explains what penalties can be applied if the rules are broken.

Food safety Minister, Jeff Rooker welcomed this move saying that the computerised cattle tracing system must be understood by producers, and that everyone must follow the rules.

“I welcome this leaflet which explains what farmers and inspectors have to do,” said Mr Rooker. “Most farmers follow the rules and should have few difficulties with the inspections,” he added.

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