Beacon display heralds Countryside March

27 February 1998

Beacon display heralds Countryside March

COUNTRYSIDE campaigners lit beacons across Britain last night to herald
Sundays countryside rally in Londons Hyde Park.

Most of the national press put the number of beacons between 5,000 and 5,600. More than 200 beacons were lit in the countryside around the Worcester seat of the Labour backbencher Michael Foster, whose private members Bill would ban hunting with dogs.

Beacons were also lit by sympathisers in America, Canada, South Africa and Tanzania, according to the Countryside Alliance. One farmer in Berkshire did not bother to build a beacon – he set fire to a barn instead.

Michael Yardley, national spokesman for the Sportsmens Association, said
the march had been “hijacked” by the Conservative Party and rich businessmen for
political ends.

The Countryside Alliance refuted charges that a large part of the £400,000
bill would be met by shooting organisations in the United States.

It has also asked people opposed to foxhunting to stay away from the march.

But Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was “ludicrous” to suggest that lovers of the countryside necessarily supported hunting.

“There are very many people who love the countryside, only a few of whom take part in hunting,” he was quoted as saying in The Daily Telegraph

Other issues such as the BSE crisis, the beef-on-the-bone ban, the effect of the strong pound on agricultural exports, cheap food imports, right-to-roam and housebuilding on farmland are all bones of contention for country people.

Ian Cawsey, Labour MP for Brigg and Goole, on the Lincolnshire-Yorkshire
border, claims he has effectively been barred from the event after he told organisers he was a sponsor of Mike Fosters bill to outlaw foxhunting. The Countryside March office wrote back to say: “You would in fact be marching for hunting if you joined the march.”

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