Beef farmers demand a slice of MLC money

13 October 1998

Beef farmers demand a slice of MLC money

BEEF producers have called for an contributions from meat processors and retailers to fund livestock orientated projects coordinated by the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC).

In a statement to the Government, the National Beef Association (NBA) called for an increase in the levy paid by meat processors and the introduction of a levy on retailers.

Robert Robinson, NBA chairman, said the money should be fund production-orientated projects geared towards helping beef farmers.

He said that too many farmers felt distanced from MLC activity which, he claimed, concentrated too much on promoting beef and not enough on boosting the livestock sector.

About 78% of the MLCs £51 million annual income comes from farmers, the group that is least happy with the commissions activities, said Mr Robinson.

  • The Herald 13/10/98 page 26

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