Beef farmers meet to thrash out Tesco deal

22 April 1998

Beef farmers meet to thrash out Tesco deal

HUNDREDS of beef farmers from south-west England are expected to attend an open meeting on the reform of the St Merryn Meat section of the Tesco Producers Club tomorrow night.

On top of the agenda is the nomination of new farmer-members for the club committee to replace those installed without consultation by St Merryn Meat when the club was launched.

Relaxation of the producer protocols introduced by Tesco and the waiving of compulsion in the declaration of commercial data collected by St Merryns feed consultancy agents BOCM-Pauls is also on the agenda.

A request from Tesco that all press communication by farmers should be approved by its office before release has been ignored. Farmers are suspicious that Tesco may still be stalling in the hope the drive for reform will peter out.

According to the steering committee elected by farmers at a protest meeting in March, the supermarkets agricultural manager, Arthur Haddrell, agreed that farmers could nominate their own candidates to represent the club.

  • The Scotsman 22/04/98 page 30

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