Beef off the menu for Chirac

30 November 2000

Beef off the menu for Chirac

By FWi staff

FRENCH president Jacques Chirac will not have the opportunity to sample British beef when he meets Tony Blair on Thursday (30 November).

As part of a whistle-stop visit, Mr Chirac will enjoy a pint and a meal with the Prime Minister at The County pub, Aycliffe, County Durham.

It had earlier been reported that Andrew Brown, chef at the County, had promised three beef dishes on the menu.

But the Ananova website says Mr Brown, who trained under renowned chef Raymond Blanc, has now stated that beef will not be on offer.

There have been calls for a ban of French beef after it emerged that meat from a BSE-infected herd entered the food chain.

The European Commission is currently taking legal action against France over its illegal ban on British beef.

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