Beef on bone ban lifted by year end

17 September 1999

Beef on bone ban lifted ‘by year end’

by FWi staff

THE controversial ban on beef on the bone is set to be lifted throughout Britain by the end of the year, according to the London Evening Standard newspaper.

Agriculture Minister Nick Brown is preparing to allow T-bone steaks back on the menu almost two years after the ban was introduced, said the paper on Friday.

Ministers believe the latest scientific research now reaching them will allow them to lift the ban before the end of the year, it added.

The paper said that a decision to lift the ban could come in November, although it said that December “is also a possibility”.

It quoted an unnamed senior source who told the paper that “good news is expected by the end of the year.”

Tony Blair is understood to believe that the lifting of the ban must cover the whole of the Britain and not just parts of it, the paper added.

The Evening Standard has been a vociferous critic of the beef on the bone ban, since it was introduced by former agriculture minister Jack Cunningham in 1997.

Banning beef on the bone deprived the nation of a culinary delight as well as being an attack on farmers livelihood, the paper has stated.

The paper has consistently campaigned for the lifting of the ban and has frequently published editorials and opinion pieces ridiculing Dr Cunningham as “Jack Boots”.

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