Beef on the bone the nanny state in action

22 April 1998

Beef on the bone — the nanny state in action

FOLLOWING the recent acquittal in Scotland of Jim Sutherland, who
flouted the law by serving beef on the bone, Jack Cunningham has re-stated his case that the ban remains.

Many people are already aware that such a ban carries no health benefits, even if there was a link proven between the obscure nvCJD and BSE.

The “protection of consumers” by Government is now being exposed as the
nanny state in full bloom. Citizens must be more than passive victims.

Government stresses the notion of adult responsibility, but in practice
denies the individual even the most basic autonomy over what and how
much they eat.

Regulation is also extended through the scientifically questionable and
intrusive doctrine of healthy eating. Even if it could be fairly proven
that a monastic life is marginally longer than that of an average
hedonist, that does not justify the development of new social regulation
by doctors and health workers.

DARRYL BICKLER, campaign co-ordinator, Right to Beef, PO Box 4, Leeds LS17 8ZT

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