Beef program for 2001 with data premium dat

2 March 2001


Slap-on system for slip safety

AN anti-slip coating system for animal, personnel or vehicle safety has been launched by Technishield Systems.

Safety Coat can be applied to prepared surfaces, such as concrete, stone, wood, steel and other materials in a single coat before being covered with a hard-wearing, anti-slip aggregate, says the company.

The product is waterproof, resistant to most chemicals and can withstand regular power washing. Three grades are available -fine, medium or coarse – depending on resistance required and the product comes in a range of colours.

Kit prices start at £59.50 for small areas (01282-619601, fax 01282-695914).

Jabs the job for scab and worms

THE Noromectin range has extended to include an injection for sheep, says Norbrook Laboratories.

The product provides effective control and treatment against sheep scab, gastro-intestinal roundworms, lungworms and nasal bots in sheep, claims the company.

It is safe to use at any stage of pregnancy and can be used routinely pre-lambing. Two injections are required seven days apart to treat clinical signs of sheep scab and eliminate living mites, costing 45p/50kg sheep.

A single injection controls roundworms and can be used in a worming programme for year-round protection.

Administered subcutaneously, at a rate of 1ml/50kg bodyweight, the product is available in packs of 50ml and 250ml, with a free injector gun provided with 500ml and 1 litre packs. (01228-562888, fax 01228-561614).

Sugar additive to boost milk yield

A SUGAR mineral feed additive which binds all protein sources within the cows rumen to slow down protein release, is being sold in East Anglia by Duffields of Norwich.

Feeding Amino Pro-Tek can raise milk yield by about 1 litre/cow a day, claims the company. Dairy cows make use of 33% of dietary protein to produce milk. Wasted protein is converted into ammonia nitrogen and secreted as urea in the blood, it adds.

By slowing protein release, the additive allows more protein to pass directly to the small intestine increasing the amount of bypass protein available to the cow, raising yields and protein content.

Amino Pro-Tek is available in a 10kg farm mix pack, to be fed at 100g/cow/day, which costs £800/t or can be manufactured into feed. (01508-470661, fax 01508-471364)

Beef program for 2001 with data premium dat

THE latest version of Agrisofts InterPremium program for beef producers – InterPremium Plus – is available with the new 2001 beef premium scheme rules.

New features also include compliance with Scottish and Northern Ireland regulations for 2001 and an interface with Agrisofts dairy management program – impelPRO. This will allow those with dairy and beef animals to transfer data automatically from one enterprise to another, says the company.

Year 2001 extensification check dates are included, as well as a 30-month warning facility, which highlights non-breeding animals approaching critical age for slaughter.

Basic animal details can be scanned into the programme from passports or through the Oxley Anilog reader – for those with electronic eartags – and a link to BCMS eases passport application and movement procedures.

The program costs £245, but current InterPremium users can download the new version from the Agrisoft web-site ( 01423-851351).

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