Beet cleaner offers higher throughput

11 January 2002

Beet cleaner offers higher throughput

SUGAR beet cleaning throughputs of up to 250t/hour, are claimed by Thyregod for its latest TR-7 model.

Powered by a 100hp diesel engine, the hydrostatically-driven TR-7 features a 10cu m reception hopper.

Thyregod says high workrates are achieved through use of a three-belt feeder web which is mounted with carriers and an integral stone release system.

A combination of rubber and steel rollers are designed to help ensure gentle and efficient cleaning with the steel rollers reversing automatically when a stone is trapped between them.

For improved stone separation performance, says the maker, the second cleaning table can be fitted with rubber cleaning rollers and one steel roller.

Operated by remote control from handsets, the cleaner loader sports a 550 litre fuel tank, hydraulic jack legs and a pair of 16.9 R28 tyres. Price for the TR-7 sugar beet cleaner is available on application. &#42

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