Beet herbicide future grim

25 February 2000

Beet herbicide future grim

NEW herbicide active ingredients to assist beet growers are unlikely for some time.

But product bans as feared in Holland are unlikely in the UK.

"There is one possible new introduction for next year, but it already looks like being banned in Holland this year," says IACR Brooms Barns Mike May.

Indeed, environmental pressure in Holland is putting chloridazon and lenacil under pressure. "But that does not mean it will happen here too.

"That would require a change in the law."

But use of Avadex (tri-allate) as a liquid is likely to be withdrawn this year, limiting pre-em wild oat control and tank mixing options.

"It also means we need to find an alternative for dealing with black bindweed when we get a bad year like last season." Granule uses will continue.

New versions of Goltix (metamitron) and Venzar (lenacil) will increase market competition and hopefully help keep prices down, he adds.

But the new lenacil product is for pre-em use only and given the scale of Gaucho (imidacloprid) use that limits its appeal. &#42

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