Behaviour order for pig farmer

A NORFOLK PIG farmer has been made the subject of an anti-social behaviour order because his free-range pigs keep getting out, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The farmer, Brian Hagen, must stop his pigs and geese getting out before 10 January, otherwise he could be prosecuted and face a financial penalty.

ASBOs, as they have become known, are usually reserved for unruly teenagers and offending youths.

Mr Hagen told the court that he had since repaired the fence in order to stop the pigs breaking free.

“I thought anti-social behaviour orders were for kids, not pigs,” Mr Hagen told the paper.

“I‘ve had pigs for 44-years and never been in trouble before.  If you understand pigs you know that once they get out they will keep trying to get out,” he added.

Police will now check the fence is suitable to keep the pigs from escaping again. If they are satisfied the ASBO will be rescinded.

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