BHSmembers vote for union

14 November 1997

BHSmembers vote for union

MEMBERS of the British Holstein Society have voted overwhelmingly in favour of working towards the creation of a single black-and-white cattle society.

In a ballot of its members, 79% voted in favour of the move. BHS chairman Martin Alford said members felt the unified society should have a new name and headquarters.

The BHS accepted the Holstein Friesian Societys proposals for an independent unification task force, but argued there should be five rather than the three members, proposed by the HFS, appointed from each organisation.

Richard Evans, BHS secretary, said the executive committee felt the addition of two extra members would mean the task force would not have to report everything back to full council.

"It is important that they should be empowered to move things on a little bit quicker rather than having to report back every five seconds to cross the Ts and dot the Is, which could lengthen the process considerably," he said.

The five BHS representatives proposed for the task force are: Society chairman Martin Alford, second vice-president David Bostock, president Colin Davidson, vice-chairman Andrew Jones, and show and publicity chair Ian Montgomery.

Mr Evans said the next step would be to hold discussions for the appointment of a task force chairman who would be acceptable to both societies.

"We have several names and will be holding private discussions with the Holstein Friesian Society," he added.

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