Bid to put cheese back on the menu

By Andrew Shirley

CHEESE could be back on the menu in more homes during 2002, if a new campaign by the Milk Development Council and the British Cheese Board proves successful.

The organisations want to challenge the public perception that cheese is fattening and lacking in nutrients.

Recent research has shown that 20% of childrens diets contain no cheese at all, and 30% of adults ration the amount of cheese they eat.

“Cheese is an essentially natural food which forms part of a modern healthy diet,” reckons the BCBs Nigel White.

Production of cheese accounts for 25% of the milk supplied to UK dairies.

A growth in demand of only 1% would require an extra 30m litres of milk a year, says MDC chief executive Kevin Bellamy.

Although output has gone up by around 12.8% to September this year compared with 2000, prices have remained fairly stable, with mild cheddar at 2200/t and mature cheddar fetching 2650/t.

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