Big M bows to farmer pressure

07 September 1999

Big M bows to farmer pressure

FRENCH farmers have forced McDonalds to put some of their favourite foods on to the burger chains menu, according to some editions of The Guardian.

McDonalds chefs at Agen substituted locally produced duck breast and pâté de foie gras for beef in its Big Macs, reports the newspaper.

In response to a request from the local farmers union, they also swapped blue-veined Roquefort cheese and plums for processed cheddar in its cheeseburgers,.

The US-owned burger giant has become a target for French farmers protesting against US trade sanctions against luxury foods.

The sanctions were imposed after the European Union refused to lift its decade-old ban on imports of US hormone-treated beef.

  • The Guardian 07/09/99 page 16

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