Big-screens all-action heroes set to boost sales

19 May 2000

Big-screens all-action heroes set to boost sales

CHICKENS and their eggs are soon to become action heroes in an animated feature film by the makers of Wallace and Gromit.

With eggs making their big screen debut on June 30, in a movie called Chicken Run, egg packers Stonegate, Hailsham, East Sussex, have secured exclusive rights to market a Chicken Run brand of eggs.

Stonegates Bill Martin said that before the films release, which coincided with the school holidays, its pre-release publicity would concentrate on introducing the characters to the public and giving away free family cinema tickets.

Inside promotional packs would be a pair of transfers featuring two of the films characters. Some would be easier to collect than others, said Mr Martin.

"This will encourage the pester factor from kids persuading parents to buy more eggs to collect the full set of characters."

Other promotions would continue after this, with the video being launched at Christmas, said Mr Martin. He hopes this innovative approach will boost Stonegates producers egg sales.

"We are always looking for novel marketing ideas, but it must be done in a way which is not easily imitated and cheapened." &#42

On the run… Stonegates Bill Martin reckons the childrens blockbuster Chicken Run will boost its producers free-range egg sales.

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