Big tractor, big tyres

15 January 1999


You wont be a stick-in-the-mud with this

ATVs used to get to places other vehicles cannot reach might find themselves in trouble when they overstep the mark and become stuck; retrieving them can pose a problem.

That is unless the vehicle has its own winch to pull itself out, says Ryders International, whose Retriever model is available with a maximum line pull of 909kg (2000lb).

Suitable for most makes of ATV, the winches are powered from the bikes battery and are supplied with control switch and hook. Cable lengths are 6-15m (20ft-50ft), depending on model.

Prices for the winch start from £291 (01519-227585).

A weather eye out

WANT to keep a comprehensive eye on the weather?

ELE Internationals latest modular environmental monitoring station (EMS) can be equipped with up to 30 sensors, arranged on a self supporting frame, to monitor all meteorological factors influencing crop production.

The EMS can be run either from mains power or batteries and data acquired by each sensor is stored into a software package – also used for setting up the station and producing graphs, calculations and summaries.

Price for a basic specification module start at about £2500 (01442-218355).

Dry boots, dry feet

A DRAWBACK of the normal leather working boot is it has to be dried out after a days work in the wet.

Protectoplast has overcome this problem by using moulded green Nitrile PVC for its Aquastop full safety working boot. The design incorporates a 4 D-ring enclosure, full bellows tongue and padded ankle to give a comfortable safety toe cap and mid sole boot to EN 345-S5.

Available in sizes 6-12, from £19.95 (0181-500-9091).

Big tractor, big tyres

BIG tractors need big tyres to transmit the full power they generate, says Kleber.

Its 650/85 R38, the largest diameter agricultural radial in the world, is claimed to cut slip, saving fuel, time and labour. And, with a carrying capacity of over 9t in certain conditions and an operating pressure as low as 0.4 bar, the 650/85 R38 is also said to reduce the potential for soil compaction.

Price about £1800 a tyre (01923-415008).

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