Blair could overrule green top ban

20 February 1998

Blair could overrule "green top" ban

PRIME minister Tony Blair is ready to overrule agriculture ministers who
want to outlaw “green top” milk after pressure from Labour MPs in farming

Jeff Rooker, food safety minister, is spearheading the move to ban the raw
cows milk, but opponents say it could bankrupt up to 500 dairy farmers and throw
hundreds more labourers out of work.

Blair is not expected to take a final decision until the public consultation
ends next Tuesday.

A letter in todays British Medical Journal says one-fifth of samples
of unpasteurised milk tested by the Governments Public Health Laboratory
Service were of unacceptable quality. Tuberculosis in cattle – which is on the increase in the UK – can be passed on to humans through unpasteurised milk.

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  • The Daily Telegraph 20/02/98 page 6

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