Blair shies away from clash with Prince

02 June 1999

Blair shies away from clash with Prince

TONY BLAIR has refused to enter the fray following remarks by Prince Charles over the governments handling of genetically modified (GM) food.

The Prince challenged the governments claims that GM products are safe to eat and safe for the environment in an article in yesterdays Daily Mail.

His attack put him in opposition to the government which maintains that existing GM food products are harmless and that the scientific advances are necessary.

It came just two days after the prime minister, Tony Blair, had accused the media of whipping up “scare stories” about GM technology.

Several newspapers spin out further stories from the Princes intervention.

The Financial Times reports on fears within the British food industry that food manufacturers could face the same fate as architects as the result of the remarks made by the heir to the throne.

The Guardian reports on attempts by environmental activists Friends of the Earth to raise awareness of GM crops by publishing a comprehensive guide to GM test sites on their website.

It also carries a report on the legal minefield surrounding GM liability as well as several reports about events involving the GM issue over the past week.

The Times claims that “deep divisions” have emerged among organic farmers over GM crops.

It says disagreement centres on some groups prepared to accept limited pollen contamination of organic fields.

The Independents readers letters section continues to feature the GM issue.

One writer again raises concerns about cross-pollination.

Another raises concerns about the organic pesticide Bt produced by the major chemicals companies.

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