Block booster for sheep and cattle

15 October 1999

Block booster for sheep and cattle

BOOST fibre breakdown and provide vitamins and minerals with Performer Block, says manufacturer Minsups.

Suitable for sheep and cattle, the block contains a live yeast culture, Yea-Sacc, said to improve rumen function. The company believes the yeast culture may increase feed conversion efficiency by up to 10%.

Minerals, trace elements and vitamins are contained in the block, which has particularly high levels of zinc, selenium and vitamin E, says Minsups.

The 20kg block, can be used in all feeding systems and contains a weatherproof ingredient, making it resistant to adverse weather conditions, it adds.

It costs 8p/head a day for cattle and 2p/head a day for sheep (01605-556161, fax 01606-861530).

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