Blowfly prevention product shortage

10 May 2002

Blowfly prevention product shortage

FLOCKMASTERS wanting to prevent blowfly strike this season may be caught out by shortages of product in the marketplace. Supplies of Clik, the new blowfly prevention product from Novartis, are limited this year due to a change in its licence status.

"We didnt obtain a Pharmacy and Merchants List licence for Clik until earlier this year, so were only able to run a limited production," says Lynda Maris of Novartis.

"Distributors are being allocated quanities of Clik equivalent to 10% of their Vetrazin sales last year."

While Novartis admits that this could cause a problem for some producers, so far all orders placed by distributors are being fulfilled.

"We have taken a gamble in producing a limited quantity, but early indications are that uptake will match supplies," says Mrs Maris. "Due to its extended cover, its a product which will not suit all producers and sales are expected to reflect this." &#42

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