Bonemeal ban boosts protein crops

By FWi staff

PROTEIN crops face a more buoyant future as Brussels pushes ahead with an EU-wide ban on meat and bonemeal in animal feed.

France and Germany have already joined the UK in outlawing this controversial ingredient, and all other member states are expected to follow suit next Monday (04 December).

Brussels estimates that the EU currently uses some 3 million tonnes of MBM a year, worth about Euro1.5bn (900m). This will now have to be replaced with vegetable protein.

“The additional demand could lead to price increases, which would encourage an increase in the production of oilseeds in the EU,” said a commission statement. Imports could also be expected to rise.

And while boosting area aid for oilseeds was not an option under the 1992 Blair House agreement with the USA, these limitations did not apply to protein crops such as peas and beans.

“Further measures to make this production more attractive could be explored,” said farm commissioner, Franz Fischler.

Rapeseed meal and soya bean meal prices continue to rise as a result of the EU ban on animal feed containing MBM material.

Rapeseed meal is worth 133/t, up 9 from last week.

Soyabean meal has risen 20 over the past two weeks to 192/t.

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