Boost milk demand and reform selling NFUS

By FWi staff

A FAIRER price for milk depends on both increasing demand for milk and milk products as well as reform of the selling system, according to the National Farmers Union of Scotland.

Dairy producers need a fairer price – and one way to achieve that is to stimulate demand, said union vice-president, Peter Chapman.

Mr Chapman was speaking after a Union Milk Committee meeting aimed at finding ways to tackle the problems which continue to plague the sector along with boosting milk sales.

“Weve already called on Government to commission a poll of producers and set the ball rolling to fund a promotion campaign,” bemoaned Mr Chapman.

He claims that a producer poll of Union members, along with industry discussions, indicate overwhelming support for a generic promotion.

“This must be the way forward if were to boost demand for milk and milk products,” he added.

“If Government were to draw down the aid available for school milk schemes, then it could make all the difference to our hard-pressed sector which is struggling to cope with the effects of an over-supplied market and an over-valued currency.”

After devolution, the Union will be pressing Scotlands new Government to take advantage of European funding in the belief that it would help to promote healthy eating and also support the dairy sector by stimulating demand for dairy products.

Mr Chapman said that these measures aimed at boosting sales of milk and milk products will be on the agenda for discussion at the first meeting with Scotlands new Agricultural Minister.

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