Borax-based products lack authorisation

23 March 2001

Borax-based products lack authorisation

THE homeopathic product Borax 30 is not authorised for use as a preventative treatment for foot-and-mouth and no scientific evidence is available to demonstrate it works, warns MAFF.

The Ministry is aware some pharmacies have advertised the product for foot-and-mouth prevention, but products presented for treatment and prevention of disease in animals must be authorised before they can be legally sold or supplied in the UK. There is no such authorisation for Borax 30, says MAFF.

Organic farmers registered with the Soil Association have also been warned against using homeopathic preparations to prevent foot-and-mouth.

A spokesman said there have been claims that the borax-based preparations are effective, but this has never been conclusively demonstrated.

In any case, the association is concerned it might result in animals not showing symptoms, but still harbouring and multiplying the virus, he adds.

Lawyers also advise the association that, because it is a notifiable disease and extremely infectious, no chances should be taken. Therefore, it has been decided to instruct all members not to use the homeopathic preparation. &#42

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