BPISG raises demand for domestic pork

By Peter Crichton

FURTHER action by the British Pig Industry Support Group (BPISG) seems to have helped stimulate demand for the home produced product.

This has been coupled with a recent audit trail followed up by the BPISG members. This was aimed at Dutch bacon supplies stocked by supermarket giant, Tesco.

BPISG members were allowed random access to a number of Dutch pig farms to ensure that they were stall and tether free and the diets were free of meat and bonemeal.

Much to the relief of all concerned these units were found to match the UK standards that Tesco had claimed extended to their supplies of imported pigmeat.

Other news set to affect UK producers is talk of an industry wide ban on the use of antibiotic growth promoters which are currently widely used at home and throughout the EU.

The Rowett Research Institute has come up with a lactose based replacement which has performed well in recent trials and is fed to young pigs in pellet form from an early age.

Early results indicate that this product could replace conventional growth promoters without any loss of performance nor exposure to antibiotics.

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