Brown plans country-of-origin labels

29 October 1999

Brown plans country-of-origin labels

By FW staff

A CLEARER labelling system to make country of origin more obvious has been proposed by farm minister Nick Brown.

After weeks of hints and promises, the minister issued proposals for new guidelines on labelling which he hopes will ensure that consumers are not misled.

The plans would improve labelling so that the place of origin indicates where the ingredients for the product come from and where it was processed or packed.

Imported pork cured in great Britain would no longer be labelled “British” but might be labelled “produced in Britain from imported/country of origin pork”.

The pig industry has long campaigned for a clearer labelling system because existing rules mean imported bacon and ham can masquerade as British.

The government has also confirmed a £5 million cash injection for its new marketing grant scheme which was launched earlier this month.

The scheme aims to help farmers improve their marketing and competitiveness in view of the continuing crisis in some agricultural sectors.

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