Brussels extends bonemeal ban

24 April 2001

Brussels extends bonemeal ban

By Philip Clarke, Europe editor

BRUSSELS has extended the European ban on meat and bonemeal in all livestock rations which was due to expire at the end of June.

But the use of fishmeal, currently only allowed for pigs and poultry is to be reviewed following the intervention of the UK farm minister, Nick Brown.

Agriculture ministers in Luxembourg agreed that now was not the time to restart using meat and bonemeal which is blamed for spreading mad-cow disease.

But they fell short of recommending a permanent ban.

The European Commission had sought to link the lifting of the ban to new legislation on animal by-products due early next year.

It is keen to reintroduce meat and bonemeal for non-ruminant rations once it is sure that processing is to high standards and there is no cross-contamination.

Meat and bonemeal was banned across the European Union at the start of the year in response to the increasing number of cases of BSE.


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