BSE inquiry wins six months extension

10 March 1998

BSE inquiry wins six months extension

THE judge heading the BSE inquiry has been granted an extra six months to report his findings because of the mountain of evidence that must be absorbed, it was revealed yesterday.

Opening the inquiry, Sir Nicholas Phillips, the appeal court judge heading the investigation, said he was not prepared to contemplate a superficial report. He said he had only come to appreciate the tasks true scale in the past month.

The Government immediately granted Sir Nicholass request for extra time. The deadline has been moved from 30 December, 1998, to 30 June, 1999.

Two extra lawyers have been assigned because of the enormity of the task.

Sir Nicholas promised “a far more thorough investigation and consideration of the evidence than anyone has been able to undertake to date”. He beseeched the media and public not to pre-empt the findings.

David Body, solicitor of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease victims families, said the inquiry should determine why no action was taken when warnings were given about the threat to people and why subsequent precautions were enforced inadequately.

The terms of the inquiry stop at 20 March, 1996, but Paul Walker, counsel to the inquiry, said the committee would want to consider whether subsequent government action should have been taken earlier.

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