BSE report hit by second delay

26 May 1999

BSE report hit by second delay

THE report from the public inquiry into BSE has been delayed a further year until March 2000 at the request of the investigating committee.

The findings will be delivered in the run-up to the next general election.

They are expected to be highly critical of the former Tory governments handling of the crisis.

The report is understood to have become bogged down in paperwork and legal problems.

Lawyers have expressed concern that the report, which is also expected to be criticise the Ministry of Agriculture, could be used as the basis for legal action.

The families of the victims of CJD, the fatal human brain disease linked to BSE are expected to sue the government once the report is published.

Columnist Boris Johnson writes in The Daily Telegraph that the real scandal is how the Labour government is manipulating public grief to suit its own ends.

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