BSE report set to name and shame

29 September 2000

BSE report set to name and shame

By FWi staff

THE report into the BSE scandal will contain a special annex naming politicians, civil servants and scientists judged to have bungled, reports the Financial Times.

The inquiry, headed by Lord Phillips, declined to say how many people would be identified or which positions they expose.

However, the newspaper says those identified would find it a humiliating experience.

The FT reports that the committee had not criticised people lightly, and individuals had not been named for stupid or trivial reasons.

Lord Phillips will hand his report in to ministers on Monday (02 September).

Totalling 16 volumes and summarising evidence given by more than 900 witnesses, the report is expected to be presented to Parliament on 26 October.

Meanwhile families of victims of the human form of BSE claim ministers and civil servants should be stripped of pensions to fund compensation payments.

David Churchill, whose 19-year-old son Stephen died of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, told the Daily Express that officials should take personal responsibility.

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