BSE will reverberate down the years

05 November 1998

BSE will reverberate down the years

By FWi staff

THE effects of the BSE crisis will linger on in Britain and the European Union despite any lifting of the beef export ban, reports the Financial Times today (Thursday).

The European Commission is determined to ensure other countries maintain their guard against BSE. This is expected to create tensions between EU member states and between the EU and its trading partners.

There could be conflict when the commission later this month unveils measures requiring member states to remove specified risk material, which includes brains and spinal chords, from cattle.

Countries such as Spain and Germany, which say their cattle are free of the disease, will oppose the move on cost grounds, says the FT.

The commissions proposals could also cause problems with the USA and its other trading partners if they are required to remove specified material from meat due for export.

At a broader level, the BSE crisis has made the EU more cautious on food safety.

Member states are reluctant to import genetically modified crops which are now common in the USA.

The USA has began to express dissatisfaction about the time it is taking for the EU to approve GM crops.

  • Financial Times 05/11/98 page 12

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